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Even a world-wide pandemic cannot stop Move Fit from helping you achieve your fitness and health goals.

Telehealth provides a safe, convenient, and easy way for us to still connect with you. We have come up with creative ways to still support you with your exercise physiology and dietetic needs, without being in the same room. Not all the services we provide require face-to-face consultations.

It is frustrating when you can’t access the support and care you need. With Telehealth you can now say goodbye to your frustration, and get expert guidance in the comfort of your own home. Modern technology has made Telehealth consultations easy. You might be apprehensive towards this change in service provision. That is why our team will patiently guide you through setting up for Telehealth services to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Modern technology has made Telehealth consultations easy.

Why choose Telehealth?

  • Get access to our experts anytime and anywhere.
  • It reduces the risk of Covid infections and keeps you safe.
  • Conveniently access our services from your own home.
  • You will save time and money since you don’t have to travel to our premises.

Speak to us today to discover what Telehealth services are available to you.

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