Exercise Right for Active Ageing (ERAA) Program

Exercise Right for Active Ageing in Cobblebank

There is no need for you to sit still just because you’re older. In fact, it is now as important as ever to keep active and fit. An effective exercise routine will help you to:

  • Prevent falling.
  • Improve your balance.
  • Strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints.
  • Prolong your life and independence.

The Exercise Right for Active Ageing Program (ERAA) was developed to help people in the community who are 65 and older to have a physically active life. Funded by the Australian Government, it gives Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA) the opportunity to subsidise sessions with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and help keep our ageing community healthy.

Move Fit provides a great space for the older members of our community to attend group classes to stay active. Not only does it keep you fit, but it gives you the opportunity to socialise with your peers.

During your first consultation with our AEP, you will be assessed in order to determine what your functional ability and levels of physical activity are. This allows our Exercise Physiologist to prepare exercises suitable to your fitness level that are stimulating and challenging without being arduous. This program lasts for 12 weeks. Each week you will have a one-hour session with your AEP and the other members of your group.

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The ERRA program helps to keep our ageing community healthy.

ERAA has Many Social & Health Benefits

70% to 80% of people who signed up for this program keep up with the group exercises after the program has finished. They enjoy socialising with the rest of their group, and the friendly and compassionate atmosphere created by our Exercise Physiologist gives them a sense of belonging.

To adhere to lockdown regulations and to keep members safe, the ERAA has been made available via Telehealth. Therefore, you will be able to attend the weekly sessions from the comfort of your own home. You can contact us if you need any assistance in setting this up for you.

Note that this program will end on 31 December 2021. Don’t put off your health. Grab hold of this opportunity today and reach your health goals through this energetic and supportive program.

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